National Student Parent Month

In September 2022, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution declaring September National Student Parent Month.

Nearly a quarter of today’s college students are parents, yet the population is often overlooked. In honor of this month, we talked to parenting students about their experiences and the ways in which colleges and policymakers can do better in supporting them. After all, they’re the experts we need to bring to the table to find solutions.

Instead of viewing September 30 as a deadline for our celebration of the hard work and diligence of parenting students, we view the end of this month as a catalyst for bigger and better change that will be best for their success.

We compiled their ideas, experiences and hopes for the future in this interactive PDF.

To enjoy the full experience, open the PDF in your desktop PDF reader, preferably Adobe Acrobat, and enable “multimedia and 3D content” to listen along in the students’ own voices!